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Restoration Services for a Safer Environment

Epoch Environmental Decon, LLC specializes in comprehensive restoration services, blending industry expertise with a health-centric approach. Our dedication ensures your space is safe, clean, and restored to its former glory!

Leading Restoration Services Based in Dallas, GA, Georgia and Serving the Greater Atlanta Area

Dealing with water, mold, fire, or biohazard issues is undoubtedly overwhelming, often leading to significant stress and upheaval in your life. Situated in Dallas, Georgia, Epoch Environmental Decon, LLC excels in addressing these daunting challenges. As a specialized provider, we cater to the greater Atlanta area, offering expert solutions and peace of mind in times of crisis. Our commitment is to ensure your environment is safe, clean, and restored, no matter the complexity of the issue at hand. Our unique approach, rooted in a healthcare background, prioritizes your health, ensuring a safe environment post-restoration. We delve into the science behind each service, whether it’s water mitigation or mold remediation, ensuring detailed and health-focused solutions. Our founder’s journey from healthcare to restoration services highlights a commitment to client well-being and environmental safety. Trust us to transform your stress into relief, offering comprehensive solutions that restore not just your property, but your peace of mind.

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Why Choose Us?

You’ll Get Health-Centric Restoration Excellence

Selecting Epoch Environmental Decon, LLC means prioritizing your health and property’s safety. Our unique healthcare background infuses a scientific, health-focused approach to every service, from mold remediation to biohazard cleaning. Experience the safety that comes with expertly managed restoration, ensuring clean, safe, and fully restored environments.

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Comprehensive Services Tailored for Your Safety

Our array of services addresses every facet of property restoration. Water mitigation begins with precise damage assessment, followed by effective moisture removal and mold prevention. Mold testing & remediation combines rigorous testing with thorough cleanup. Our fire & smoke damage service meticulously clears hazardous residues, ensuring clean air. Biohazard solutions tackle challenging cleanups with utmost care. Lastly, our commercial cleaning upholds the highest standards, safeguarding your premises.

Trusted Excellence in Restoration

Epoch Environmental Decon, LLC is the epitome of trust and reliability in restoration services. With a strong foundation in health and safety, our expertise ensures your property is in the best hands. Discover the difference with us and read more.

Water Mitigation

Water Mitigation

Choosing us for Water Mitigation ensures swift, effective restoration with our specialized water mitigation services. We prioritize rapid response and thorough moisture removal to safeguard your property.

Water Mitigation

Key steps for effective restoration:

  • Rapid moisture assessment
  • Advanced dehumidification
  • Mold prevention strategies
  • ATP microbial testing
  • Detailed drying logs
Mold Testing & Remediation

Mold Testing & Remediation

Our mold remediation services are designed to ensure a healthy environment, removing mold efficiently and preventing future growth with precise, scientific methods.

Mold Testing & Remediation

Essential actions for mold safety:

  • Air quality testing
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Containment solutions
  • HEPA vacuum cleaning
  • Antimicrobial treatment
Fire Smoke & Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage

Benefit from our fire damage restoration service, focusing on thorough soot and smoke removal, air purification, and property restoration to ensure a safe, clean environment.

Fire & Smoke Damage

Critical steps for recovery:

  • Soot and residue removal
  • Professional air cleaning
  • Sealing of contaminated areas
  • AC system purification
  • Industrial hygienist collaboration


Our biohazard cleaning services address critical situations with care, precision, and respect, ensuring a safe and thorough cleanup for any hazardous condition.


Key measures for biohazard safety:

  • Contamination isolation
  • OSHA-compliant cleaning
  • Detailed waste cataloging
  • Air quality assurance
  • Safe material disposal
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Commercial Cleaning

Choosing our commercial cleaning services means investing in top-tier cleanliness and safety, ensuring your business space reflects professionalism and care.

Commercial Cleaning

Primary focus for cleanliness:

  • NFPA 96 compliance
  • Window cleanliness
  • Floor degreasing
  • High-pressure washing
  • Comprehensive janitorial work

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Located in Dallas, TX, Georgia, serving the greater Atlanta area, Epoch Environmental Decon, LLC is your go-to expert for all restoration services. Facing unexpected property damage? Don’t wait. Reach out to our team for swift, professional, and health-focused restoration solutions. Ensure your property’s safety and integrity today.

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