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Emergency Response

& Commercial Cleaning

Epoch Environmental is a full service emergency property response team for flood, fire, mold, and biohazard problems. 

We also service Commercial Cleaning & Kitchen Hood Cleaning clients.

Water Mitigation & Dry Out

We respond to water losses and leaks with appropriate moisture mapping and analysis to put together a plan of care to accurately dry out your property to mitigate any further problems such as mold growth. We use industrial dehumidifiers and drying fans approved for use by the insurance industry.

Mold Testing & Remediation

For mold problems, we offer collection sampling and laboratory analysis for mold spore identification and mold count in the air. We can then use this data to create a remediation plan to eradicate mold from the property.

We use intense HEPA filtration both in vacuums and in air scrubbers to bring the air quality to a safe livable condition. After remediation, we do post testing to ensure success.

Fire & Smoke Damage

For Fire and Smoke Damage, we follow industry standards to remediate smoke and soot particulates on surfaces and in the air as these are carcinogenic and can cause pulmonary disease and even cancer. We offer emergency board ups for such properties as well.


For Biohazard and Hazmat issues, we approach your project with care and concern for the safety and health of any who come into contact with the affected space.  2/3 of our staff are either healthcare workers or emergency responders so you are in good and compassionate hands.

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