Epoch Environmental Decon LLC is a woman/minority owned business based in NW Atlanta.


The founder, Maybelline Atwood, RN has over 18 years of healthcare management and infection control expertise. This includes a degree in Nursing with notable involvement in the
ER and in the OR (Operating Room).

We aim to differentiate Epoch Environmental Decon by utilizing industry best practices, including that of appropriate bio recovery technology effective enough to be useful in hospitals.

For Example, we use ATP meters for pre and post testing on contaminated surfaces. We are also very big on the use of UVC related disinfection devices. We have a relationship with SKYTRON to use their UVC robots. We are also currently undertaking the production of our own units - all operating 254nm, which is the radiation range that is germicidal.

Assisting the owner is her husband, Jeff Atwood, who left radiology to help operate this business and has multiple healthcare and OSHA certifications and years of experience - who oversees field operations with mitigation and remediation.

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