Crime Scene/ Biohazard Cleanup:

We have years of forensic remediation

experience. We can effectively

clean up aftermath from homicides, suicides, and accidents. We also treat mold and perform water damage mitigation.

Meth Lab / Drug Lab Cleanup:

Meth Remediation (Cleanup) is a dangerous specialty that we are trained and certified -in order to provide safe and OSHA compliance. We test our surfaces both before and after to ensure efficacy.

Hoarder Property Cleanup
& Homeless Encampment Cleanup

These projects take many aspects of disinfection and biohazard remediation into consideration. We offer compassionate and organized assistance in getting your property back to a clean/ functional living space.

Covid 19 Disinfection / Response:

We originate from the healthcare industry

before working in this field. We are OSHA

trained and certified in Infection Control.

We also offer PPE disinfection for Medical Offices and Surgical Centers.

Syringe & Needle Removal:

Syringes and used needles present a risk

to anyone who may be pricked. Drug abusers and even insulin injectors all 

can carry bloodborne pathogens and should be handled professionally.

General Commercial Cleaning:

We can apply our years of expertise in taking care of your office cleaning needs. We also offer window cleaning, pressure washing, and trash removal/ trashouts.