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If your property is wet, or overly humid, we are the perfect team to locate the cause of the moisture, create a scope and plan of action to mitigate any further damage by taking moisture measurements, moisture mapping, set up equipment to bring the property back to it's "dry standard". We need to prevent mold from forming. If mold exists, we will remediate and restore your property back to its original state. 


Check out Center for Disease Controls input on health related risks from mold.


There are many types of "mold" and it can grow within 36 hours of a moisture intrusion / leak / flood. To accurately classify or identify one would test/sample a microbial growth and send to a laboratory for analysis (Industrial Hygienist or Mold Accessor). For that reason, Epoch Environmental cannot classify for our clients any such growths without testing. However, we can and do treat all growths on properties we are working on as potentially hazardous and take steps to protect ourselves as well as to eradicate the microbial growth. In some people, with some types of mold, exposure many result in allergic attacks, asthma, or even death. If a individual must expose themselves to an area that has mold, an appropriate face mask of at least an N95 particulate rating should be used.

The measures typically taken for mold remediation may include: Demolition and Disposal of affected sheetrock, trim, moulding, carpeting, flooring, insulation, foamboard and any materials that will allow such to grow.

On top of that, HEPA vacuuming should be done to
eliminate mold spores from surfaces. After this, a mold
killing biocide will be sprayed. This can either be plant
based or peroxide based.


It is recommended that when such "mold" is seen in a property, the AC ducts be professionally cleaned. Visual evidence of any mold should be removed/wiped/sanded
from any remaining building surfaces. Even if the mold has been killed, the growth itself still contains mycotoxins that when inhaled still pose a health risk. In some situations
an encapsulate may be used to seal in any residual spores
on surfaces.

It is necessary to control the humidity and moisture content of that environment to discourage any resurgence of mold.

Once the mold has been removed, the property will need to be appropriately dried with dehumidifiers and or drying fans.

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