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All of the team members that work on death or accident related cleanups are former health care workers and first responders.

We are experts in infection control and disinfecting contaminated properties - The Right Way.  Not only are we technically saavy, we also respond to these emergencies with empathy and understanding. Most of these are covered under insurance claims and we can assist you in walking through the process on what happens next. We perform the abatement or cleanup, and you are free to choose whomever you wish to perform and buildbacks that may result from the process. (Often times the biohazard will contaminate flooring or sheetrock that may result in the removal of those materials from the structure. But we only remove what is necessary.)


If you prefer, we can investigate the property and provide a written estimate. Estimates may adjust based on the damage uncovered during the cleanup process but we communicate with you during the process to make sure you understand the scope and agree with our professional plan of action. All of our pricing is based on an industry standard called "The Blue Book."

Our pricing and work ethic has been noted in the insurance industry and we have been called upon to audit other's inflated pricing claims. So while biohazard cleanup pricing is a more dangerous and costly claim, we are fair with our invoices. All work during the process - before - during cleanup - and after is photo documented in a report submitted to the insurance company with our invoice.

Some insurance companies will promote their own vendors to you for this work. These companies are called "Third Party" and many of them take shortcuts to cut the scope of the claim to the advantage of the insurance carrier. This may not work in your favor with steps being skipped or the areas improperly remediated. So you as the insured, have the right to hire whomever you want to for this project. You don't HAVE to use the one the insurance may WANT YOU to use. Use a vendor that has a good reputation and guarantees their work and who works hard to help you through this difficult emergency. We have a perfect 5 star rating with Google Reviews and would love to be of assistance!

We are specialists in:

Suicide Cleanup

Trauma & Accident Cleanup

Unattended Death

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