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Are you in Need of COVID 19 disinfection?

Epoch Decon understands that sanitizing the area can speed up recovery and help combat spread of illness.

Call us in and we will sanitize your space with effective sanitization and hospital grade FDA /CDC approved products and protocols. We pretest and post test projects for fomite contaminant loads on surfaces with ATP meters.

We are proud to offer the finest in UVC Light Sanitization with our disinfection Skytron Robots. 

We offer preventative disinfection as well as a biohazard response where actual COVID 19 has been reported and the facility needs appropriate OSHA level decontamination and remediation.

We are interested in not only providing hospital level sanitization as a health benefit, but also utilize documentable best practices as a response for any related legal concerns that businesses may encounter. When you use Epoch Decon, you are being provided with the best defense possible!

After completion, we provide our clients with certificates of disinfection outlining steps taken and results.

Mosquito Born Virus Control

Several mosquito-borne viruses circulate in Georgia each year and are capable of causing disease in humans and other animals. The most common mosquito-borne viruses in Georgia include West Nile virus, Eastern Equine encephalitis virus, and LaCrosse virus. Saint Louis encephalitis virus has also been detected in Georgia in the past. Mosquito-borne viruses are most active late spring through early fall in Georgia.

To combat mosquitoes and the public health hazards they present, many federal agencies, states and localities have established mosquito control programs. We work in adherence to such programs.

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